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Making History in Fulfilling Dreams

Planners Group International, a manpower recruitment company approved by the Minitry of Labour, Govt of India, has been in existence for the last 30 years. The high demand of specialized trained manpower by the Ship Building / Barge building, repair and allied industries has motivated us to start a world class Marine training institute under the banner of 'PG Marine College of Engineering'.

Mr. Abdulla Abdul Khayoom, Chairman, Planners Group International has been in the field of skilled manpower recruitment for the last 35 years. More than fifty thousand of skilled workers were sent to all parts of Gulf countries, Singapore and Malaysia especially in the Shipping Industry. Seeing the potential for the candidates to earn high salary in the Shipping industry, with a clear vision in mind, it was decided to start a world class training college in collaboration with the different shipyards in India and abroad. PG Marine College of Engineering was inaugurated on April 27, 2009 by Dr Salman A karim, HRD Manager, Arab Ship Building & Repair Yard, Bahrain.

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